Big Ideas Need Execution, Not Big Teams

Tackling large-scale projects with world-class creative means having a team that works like a well-oiled machine. Armed with a rock solid process and the experience to anticipate complex production challenges before they become problems, means we get things done on-time and on-budget.

Geoff Davidson
Geoff DavidsonPresident / Creative Director
Geoff oversees the daily operations and growth of the company. He’s involved in every aspect of the production process including; business development, treatment and storyboard development, client relations and project management.

From an early age, Geoff was fascinated with film. Not only films themselves but it was the behind the scenes and how they were made that really grew his love for the craft. Creating a product that can generate conversation and emotion sparked intrigue and passion within that he continues to bring to each project to this day. With over 13 years of industry experience, he’s directed and produced over 200 spots such as national ads for the likes of Coca-Cola, Infiniti, Kubota, Loblaws, TD, Flight Centre, Volvo, Toyota, Lexus, Rogers, Cadillac, Acuvue, Sailor Jerry Rum. Additionally, he co-created, produced and directed two national TV shows for Rogers Sportsnet and TVA Sports in Quebec. He’s also directed several national ads and films overseas for the United Arab Emirates. Some of his accolades include Best Film and Best Directing for two indie films as well as a Promo Award for Hendrick’s Gin. Geoff’s attention to detail along with his strong understanding of post-production gives him a unique vision to capture every job with cinematic excellence.

Marcus Matyas
Marcus MatyasPartner / Producer
Marcus is a partner/producer at Raging Indifference Productions. He too has an extensive filmmaking background. Since 2008, he has been working with the National Film Board of Canada as a member of the dynamic Ontario Studio team and has contributed in the production of over 50 films, including several award-winning documentaries, three International Emmy Award winners, two 3D films and Sarah Polley’s critically acclaimed, Stories We Tell. Marcus’ attention to detail as a producer is second to none. Throughout the years at RIP he’s produced over 150 productions that range from corporate videos, large national web campaigns to broadcast television. Marcus’ passion above all else is creating productions efficiently and effectively – when it comes to producing, he is always striving to set a new benchmark.
Tony Edgar
Tony EdgarLead Cinematographer
Tony Edgar is a gun for hire. Generally, he is the lead cinematographer on almost all of RIP’s shoots. His skill as a camera operator is only matched by his skill at painting a set with light. Tony has shot films, TV pilots, commercials and music videos around the world. He’s used to extreme environments where the “run and gun” approach to filming is the only option. Environments like Playa Del Carmen, Dubai, Costa Rica and Hawaii to name only a few.

Tony has become a voice for the new age cinematographer. His voice and words can be read in Canadian Society of Cinematographers magazine, where he and Geoff Davidson were featured as they were sent to Dubai to shoot two commercials for the United Arab Emirates as well as a film for Saudi Arabia.

Tony has also shot commercials for RBC, Toyota, Callaway, Canon, Russel Peters and a feature documentary for HBO with Dan Akroyd.

Mark Feenstra
Mark FeenstraDirector / Gaffer / Electric
Mark, a man of many talents, has over 25 years experience in the film industry. Mark’s resume boasts directing, producing, writing, and gaffing to only name a few.

He’s also been a professor at the Toronto Film School, teaching camera and directing to the up and coming filmmakers. Mark has worked all over the world but primarily works between California and Toronto. Mark has been involved with gripping / gaffing and electric in over 25 feature films (X-men, Hulk, Love Guru, Lucky Number Slevin to name a few).

He was dubbed MacGyver for his “in the nick of time” resourcefulness. No matter what the issue may be, give Mark a tweezers, a match and some string…he’ll figure it out!

Davin Black
Davin BlackDirector / Producer / Editor
To know where Davin Black is going, is to find out where he has been. His love for live music carried him through eight years of inspirational travel and has fostered his dedication to the creation of visual compliments to music. Davin quickly absorbed production knowledge and now operates within all aspects of the film industry. His unique perspective and experience has led him to become an esteemed and award winning music video and commercial director and a feature film producer. Juno nominated and winner of the MuchMusic Best Rock Video Award, Davin Black has produced more than 200 music videos and directed over 50 with multiple award wins, Best Director nominations and #1 videos. Davin’s film sets are a common venue for interviews and behind-the-scene specials for multiple national media networks. Regarded as a respected expert within the music video industry, Davin has been featured on MuchMusic’s shows “Discovered” and “Disband”. He has presented his candid and practical advice to viewers and has assisted in the growth of emerging careers. Priding himself on developing bonds with artists and clients in order to collaboratively cultivate visual imagery, Davin continues to strive to create emotionally inspirational images. His ability to generate a versatile range of styles makes Davin Black a unique director who continues to push the limits of artistic impression.